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Hi. I'm Janna and

I am Much More Than A Realtor

What do I mean by this? Well, several things. First of all I am much more than a ‘door opener’. My past provides ‘not your typical Realtor’. What I mean by this is I am a San Diego State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business, with Emphasis in Marketing. I have over 12 years of Fortune 500 sales, marketing, negotiations and ‘thinking outside of the box’ experience. These experiences fuel my thinking in navigating all the interworking’s of each transaction each day. You need an agent because buying and selling a home is not an easy process. This is most likely the largest asset you will ever own. So it makes sense to not ‘Google’ how to do it yourself, but to truly lean on an expert to make sure the process is handled correctly. One of my greatest strengths is problem solving and a drive to ‘make things happen'. NO is not an answer; it just means we need to find another way.


I am an Investor: A large portion of buying and selling Real Estate is investing. To truly understand this aspect, I believe you need to have walked in these shoes before. I too am a Real Estate investor in both the residential and commercial arena. I own and self manage properties both in California and out of state. I have experience with residential, multi-family and commercial tenants. I have walked down all these paths and am happy to share my experiences with you to help you hit the ground running. 


I am a Resource:  Alright, "I've got a guy for that" is pretty much one of my favorite sayings! You need a nail person, hairstylist, electrician, housecleaner, attorney…you name it, I have my team of trusted individuals that I know will get the job done right. I am born and raised in Solano County and have a vast knowledge and passion for our area. Yelp has nothing on me.


I am a trusted Friend: When choosing your Realtor ® you better like them because you will talk to this person more than your own mother. You want to want to pick up their phone call. I want this as well. If we fit well together it is mutually beneficial. Plus, once you enter my ‘inner circle’ I like to keep you as a friend for life. Future client appreciation nights, seminars I offer, local events, parent events with your kiddos, etc. I value my relationships.

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