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The New Curb Appeal

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Remember the days when you would drive neighborhoods looking for 'For Sale' signs to see what was available? No probably not - I don't. The old curb appeal meant how the front of a house looked. Would you want to go inside? Well it is still important to have an inviting exterior, however I now refer to curb appeal in a different way.

The modern curb appeal for a home is the online presence it presents. I imagine buyer A and B laying in bed at 11pm scrolling FB, Zillow,, etc. and viewing the pictures and videos of the property. I always put my best foot forward on all marketing efforts for my listings. Professional photographs and professional videos with music and details of all of the special aspects of the property. By the time the buyer enters the property in person they should already know it very well. Actually the main reason a buyer views a property in person is to verify if there was anything that was not shown in the pictures and marketing and for the 'real feel' of the property.

How to get your best home curb appeal 'picture perfect ready'?

Purge, hide and start packing.

Purge: Do you really want to move that? Will it work in the new home? You will probably purge three times.

1. "We needed to get rid of it anyway"

2. "Oh, I don't want to pack that and move it"

3. "While unpacking, oh this won't work here."

Picture Ready: Stage your home with your own items. Move furniture around or take it out to show the room the best way; not how it is comfortable for your family to use. Or have it professional staged and get all of your stuff out.

We all love model homes. You have to put your model home lenses on and imagine your home like that. All personal things gone and hidden. Make the area as large, airy and light as possible. Not looking to move. Still try these tips ~ you'll be surprised how much you will love your home even more. Good luck!

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